About us

Tec-Water is a small company that does BIG things in water treatment.

We have a small, caring team of technicians and we like it that way.  We take pride in what we do.  Being highlighted in the Saskatchewan Business Magazine (enterprise sask section) was a wonderful accomplishment for our company, and for Bill Kidd, the inventor of the Floc System 100™ innovation.

You can certainly feel free to ask our team anything … we pride ourselves in not having pushy salespeople … we are a team of technicians and technologists on staff that can give you straight-forward answers that have a basis in real life … your life!

Many companies will try to fit your water problem to the product they sell. We are an independently owned and operated company, therefore we can match your specific water problem with the correct technology necessary to solve your issues.

Because we are not limited by product lines, we can customize the system to correct your specific problem.

It is the Floc System 100™ innovation, our access to multiple product lines, the expertise of our staff and our extensive field experience with highly organic laden and turbid water sources that makes Tec-Water unique.