Bring us your WORST WATER Saskatchewan …

We are ready to take on the ugly, the dirty, the unthinkable … and make it drinkable.

So many small communities need options, cost-effective options, and ones that don’t require excessive maintenance.

We have heard you and we understand that your operators are working extra hours and making miracles happen every day to get passable water quality.

We want to ease that burden & provide research results on your specific water source!
A customized mini module research trailer will arrive at 5 winning communities and remain for a test period during the summer. Customizing the mini module, all testing and reporting (at a value of $45,000) will be at no cost to the community.
Tec-water, our Suppliers, our Collaborators and Funding bodies are coordinating funds for this innovative research project on the worst water in the province, to bring a much needed technology out of the final research stretch and into the hands of those communities that need a clear water solution!
Will your community be chosen?
Contest & research details to follow.

Don’t miss out on WINNING a $45,000 project for your community!

Enter the contest now!

** If you are a community with a population of 1000 or less **
** This contest is for you! **

Communications will also be provided through the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce and SARM.

Contest time line:

  • October 25th, 2013
    CONTEST ANNOUNCED!! at Sask Innovation Week
  • November 6th, 2013
    CONTEST APPLICATION now online. Enter Contest
  • January 15th, 2014
    Contest applications must be in today
  • March, 2014
    Five big contest WINNERS announced
  • Summer, 2014
    The water team behind Tec-Water ANNOUNCES A BIG VOTING CONTEST!
  • Summer 2014
    Mini module trailer units onsite at winning communities
  • Early Fall 2014
    Each WINNING community receives custom water reports and ONE COMMUNITY WINS an additional TEAM prize basket.



Like magic,
Saskatchewan-based Tec-Water Supplies Inc.’s new Floc System 100TM takes dirty surface water and turns out clear water, ready for household use and even drinking.

“People were telling me that their water had so many problems, that the standard equipment was getting gummed up with sludge, and was no longer doing the job they needed. I wasn’t interested in selling equipment to that wasn’t going to work,”said Bill.

He began searching for a better pre-treatment water filtration system. After much research, he realized the system he was searching for didn’t exist. So Kidd decided to create it himself.

read the whole article

We’ve done an interview with local radio station 900CKBI. Here’s a clip from that interview:

For more details on SunDale, click on this link.

For more details on the large FLOC water plant, located at Sundale, please view this presentation:

Tec-Water Prototype Plant