Including Water Testing, Assessments, Repairs, Replacements, Installation, Quotes


  • SGI replacement and damage quotes
  • Community infrastructure grant referrals

Water Testing

  • We offer testing of: pH, hardness, iron, TDS . Ship, or bring us a sample of your water.
  • We can answer any questions about Provincial Lab water results.

Water System Assessments

  • Service-calls for assessments, repairs, maintenance.
  • Onsite: Pump or system tests, filter bed requirements.

Equipment Improvements

We can adapt your existing equipment to better serve you.

  • Quotes.
  • Repairs, maintenance, replacements, upgrades, installation.
  • Customization: replacements, additions, upgrades, designs.
  • Service-calls.

Water-Source Treatment

  • Dugout, river, lake source treatment.
  • Well treatment: Improve well flow and water quality.