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Floc System 100™

Floc System 100™

Like magic, Saskatchewan-based Tec-Water Supplies Inc.’s Floc System 100™ takes dirty surface water and turns out clear water, ready for household use and even drinking.

“People were telling me that their water had so many problems, that the standard equipment was getting gummed up with sludge, and was no longer doing the job they needed.
I wasn’t interested in selling equipment to that wasn’t going to work,”

– Bill Kidd

He began searching for a better pre-treatment water filtration system. After much research, he realized the system he was searching for didn’t exist. So Kidd decided to create it himself.

read the whole article (Courtesy of Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy)


The Floc System 100™
You see, large continuous flow Floc systems are run in cites across Canada everyday,
we just made it smaller and patented it in batches that are fully automated,
so no manual emptying is required.

We have made a mini water treatment plant for your home … how innovative!
(and an Engineer isn’t needed to run it!)
We like this quote on innovation … it’s so true!

“Nearly 100% of Innovation – from business to politics – is inspired not by ‘market analysis’ but by people who are supremely pissed off by the way things are”

– Tom Peters

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And … If we cannot find a solution within our innovative line of products, we will direct you to a technology that best suits your needs (we recommend other reputable treatment dealers in the province and they recommend us)

Download the FLOC System 100™ brochure.

Here is an audio clip from the interview we did with local radio station 900CKBI: